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Discover the amazing beauty of Patagonia on your next trip!

Chilean Patagonia is a territory of contrasts, where nature shows its most magnificent expressions in every corner. This itinerary invites you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, starting with the charming town of Puerto Natales and extending through imposing glaciers, dreamlike valleys and the emblematic Torres del Paine. Throughout this narrative, we tell you about the exciting journey that begins in the calm waters of the Última Esperanza fjord, taking adventurers to discover the majesty of the Balmaceda and Serrano Glacier and culminating in hikes that leave you breathless before the grandeur of the mountains. iconic.

United by a shared passion for adventure and nature, our travelers will be guided along trails that are testimony to natural beauty, passing through Patagonian forests and marveling at the vertical walls of the Towers, silent witnesses of a millennia-old past. This trip is not only a physical tour, but a journey of the spirit, an opportunity to connect with the earth and with oneself in the middle of one of the most impressive landscapes in the world.

Get ready for an adventure like no other, an escape from the routine to the pristine and elemental beauty of Patagonia. From the careful initial advice from our expert guides to the challenging hikes that await, each day promises to be an amalgamation of challenges and rewards, breath-taking landscapes and moments of serenity that will linger in your memories. Welcome to a journey where the horizon is the beginning of a story that you are about to write with your own steps.

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All glaciers


Important information:

In Chile there is a tax law to promote tourism, to exempt you from paying the 19% tax you must present at the time of Check In: passport and immigration card (tourist).
to exempt you from paying the 19% tax, you must present at the time of Check In: passport and immigration card (tourist
that are handed out by the international police). If you do not present these documents at check in,
the tax will be charged in Chilean pesos before the beginning of the program.

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Recommendations for visiting Torres del Paine


  • The weather in Torres del Paine is very variable, so it is important to dress in layers.
  • It is recommended to bring:
    • First layer: Thermal underwear that absorbs perspiration.
    • Second layer: Fleece or fiber jacket that provides thermal insulation.
    • Third layer: Windbreaker or raincoat, preferably with Gore-Tex technology.
    • In addition, trekking pants that allow mobility, a hat and gloves, sunglasses with high UV protection and waterproof trekking boots.

Ideal Dates:

  • The best time to visit Torres del Paine and go trekking is during the austral summer months, from November to March.
  • During this period there are more hours of daylight and the temperatures are more pleasant.
  • However, it is also the high season, so it is recommended to make reservations in advance.

Documents and insurance:

  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after your entry date to Chile.
  • VISA: Depending on your country of origin, a VISA may be required to enter Chile. It is important to check with the Chilean embassy or consulate.
  • Travel insurance: It is highly recommended to take out travel insurance that covers adventure activities such as trekking, and that includes medical assistance and emergency evacuation.

Remember also to respect the park rules, take everything you bring with you and be aware of the importance of preserving nature. Enjoy your adventure in one of the most impressive trekking places in the world!

Additional recommendations:

  • Bring a water bottle and sunscreen.
  • Be prepared for all types of weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind.
  • Let someone know your itinerary and when you expect to return.
  • Be careful of wildlife, such as guanacos and pumas.
  • Stay on the trails and do not disturb the environment.
  • Pack out your trash.

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